Table 1

Genes involved in ovarian cancer and drug resistance

GenBank accession no.Gene nameFunctionSOM cluster
X58723 MDR-1 Efflux pump15
L05628 MRP-1 Efflux pumpFiltereda
AF085692 MRP-3 Efflux pump6
U83660 MRP-4 Efflux pump2
U83661 MRP-5 Efflux pumpFiltered
HT2348bα Tubulin (consensus sequence)Microtubule subunitFiltered
HT4592bβ Tubulin (consensus sequence)Microtubule subunit19/20
AF043105Glutathione S-transferaseChemometabolizer15
M14745Bcl-2 (B cell lymphoma protein 2)AntiapoptoticFiltered
Z23115 Bcl-X L AntiapoptoticFiltered
L22473 BAX ProapoptoticFiltered
U16811BAK (apoptosis regulator of Bcl-XL)Proapoptotic1
NM 005228ErbB1 (epidermal growth factor receptor)Tyrosine kinase receptorFiltered
M11730ErbB2 (Her-2/neu)Tyrosine kinase receptorFiltered
X04430 IL-6 Growth and differentiation5
J04156 IL-7 Growth and differentiation5
M28130 IL-8 Proangiogenic20
AF024710 Vascular endothelial growth factor Proangiogenic6
  • a Filtered genes did not pass the initial SOM filter for fold change and variation.

  • b The Institute for Genomic Research human transcript reference number.