Table 3

Protein families enriched in cluster 15 intermediate paclitaxel resistance

Functional clusterNo. of genesPGenBank accession no.Gene nameSignal log ratioa
Extracellular genes100.0035
Carrier genes60.0040
Primary active transport genes60.0003AB028069 Activator of S-phase kinase 1.051.612.36
U67369 Growth factor independent 1 −0.160.491.76
P-P bond hydrolysis-driven transporter50.0003U33761 S-phase kinase-associated protein 2 −0.130.611.10
G1-S transition genes40.0025U26727 Cylin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2A −0.590.901.29
  • a The signal log ratio is the average change in expression of a transcript between baseline SKOV-3 and the respective, resistant subclone. Early, SKOV-30.003TR; intermediate, SKOV-30.03TR; late, SKOV-30.3TR. The signal log ratio is reported as the log2 ratio of the average change in expression. A log2 of 1 is a fold change of 2.