Table 3A


MarkersChrbMatchPercentage (%)
D17S952 17p1/1100
D17S804 17p2/2100
D17S250 17q4/666.66
D17S579 17q13/1968.42
D18S59 18p6/785.71
D18S52 18p2/2100
D18S67 18q1/1100
DCC 18q19/2382.6
D18S61 18q1/250
D19S247 19p5/5100
D19S177 19p10/1283.33
D19S412 19q4/580
D19S246 19q20/2195.23
D20S57 20p6/966.66
D20S66 20p4/580
D20S119 20q11/1291.66
D21S1257 21q9/1464.28
D21S263 21q7/887.5
D21S259 21q7/887.5
D21S11 21q8/988.88
D21S1890 21q1/1100
D22S282 22q15/1693.75
ILRB1 22q3/3100
  • a The consistency of allelic imbalance/LOH between the HuSNP assay and microsatellite analysis. See “Materials and Methods” for a description of how consistency was calculated.

  • b Chr, chromosome arm.