Table 1

Clinical parameters of the patients with chemosensitive and chemoresistant GCT

Nos. of cases1222
Median age in years (range)28 (20–47)29 (17–56)
Stage at diagnosis (UICCb)
Initial treatment after surgery
Follow-up (months)
 Median (range)51 (14–69)39 (11–180)
Relapse free survival (months)
 Median (range)NR7.1 (0–150)
Response to initial treatment
 Complete remission85
 Partial remission, marker −48
 Partial remission, marker +03
 Progressive disease03
No. of salvage regiments
 Median (range)03 (1–9)
  • a For the POU5F1 immunostaining all seminoma, embryonal carcinoma, and CIS components of both the sensitive and resistant tumors (3 and 2; 6 and 8; and 4 and 6, respectively) are positive, whereas all differentiated nonseminoma components are negative.

  • b UICC, International Union Against Cancer; NR, not reached.