Table 1

Frequency of fixations

The frequency of fixations (expanse > 90%) of p16 and p53 lesions in the cohort. Some patients only had a single sorted fraction that was informative for a p16 or p53 lesion and so were excluded from the fixation frequency estimates for those lesions.

LesionNumber of fixations (%)Number of patients assayedNumber of biopsies assayed
p16 LOHa (D9S925 or D9S932)73 (35.6%)205768
p16 methylation18 (25.4%)71285
p16 mutation10 (5.3%)189722
Any p16 lesion91 (43.5%)209778
p53 LOH (TP53 or TP53Di)10 (6.5%)153570
p53 mutation10 (6.2%)162611
Any p53 lesion15 (7.5%)200743
Combined p16 and p53 lesion11 (5.5%)199741
  • a LOH, loss of heterozygosity.