Table 3

Cox regression analysis of the association between DNA methylation PMRa values (grouped by quartiles) and overall survival or disease-free survival

Significant associations are indicated in bold.

TAMNot TAMInteraction
Hazard ratiob95% CIHazard ratiob95% CIP
ESR10.70.5––2.4 0.0073
ARHI1.20.9––0.9 0.0103
CYP1B10.70.5––2.2 0.0046
Disease-free survival
ESR10.70.5––2.3 0.0134
ARHI1.20.9––0.8 0.0015
CYP1B10.80.6––2.1 0.0081
  • a PMR, percentage of fully methylated reference; TAM, tamoxifen; Not TAM, not treated with tamoxifen; CI, confidence interval.

  • b Covariates include age, stage (I, II, and III/IV), nodes (0, 1–3, and >3), hormone receptor status among TAM-treated patients (1, hormone receptor positive and treated with TAM, 0, otherwise), and hormone receptor status among those not treated with TAM (1, hormone receptor positive and not treated with TAM; 0, otherwise). Age and stage are coded as continuous variables.