Table 1

Clinical data on patient disease courses and results of molecular CISa classification

Sample groupbPatientcPrevious tumorsTumor analyzedSubsequent tumorsCISdCIS classifiere
11060-1Ta gr22 TaNoNo CIS
11146-1Ta gr2NoNo CIS
11216-1Ta gr2NoNo CIS
11303-1Ta gr2NoNo CIS
1524-1Ta gr2NoNo CIS
1692-1Ta gr22 TaNoNo CIS
11264-1Ta gr320 TaNoNo CIS
11350-1Ta gr31 TaNoNo CIS
11354-1Ta gr33 T1NoNo CIS
1775-1Ta gr31 TaNoNo CIS
11066-1Ta gr31 TaNoNo CIS
11276-1Ta gr32 T1NoNo CIS
11070-1Ta gr31 TaNoNo CIS
1989-1Ta gr3NoNo CIS
11482-1Ta gr320 TaNoCIS
21345-21 T1Ta gr3Sampling visitCIS
21062-21 TaTa gr31 T1Sampling visitCIS
2956-21 TaTa gr31 TaSampling visitCIS
2320-71 Ta, 2 T1Ta gr32 TaSampling visitCIS
21330-1Ta gr3Sampling visitCIS
2602-85 TaTa gr33 TaSampling visitCIS
2763-1Ta gr214 TaSampling visitCIS
21024-1T1 gr32 Ta, 1 T1Sampling visitCIS
21182-1Ta gr37 TaSubsequent visitCIS
21093-1Ta gr34 Ta, 1 T1Subsequent visitCIS
2797-1Ta gr3Sampling visitCIS
21337-11 TaT1 gr3Sampling visitCIS
21625-1Ta gr2Sampling visitCIS
31015-1T3b gr4No
31385-1T4a gr3Sampling visit
31041-1T4b gr3No
31044-1T4b gr3ND
31055-11 Ta gr2T3a gr3No
31109-1T2 gr31 T2-4No
31124-1T4a gr32 T2-4No
31154-1T3a gr31 Ta, 1 T2-4No
31167-11 T2-4T3b gr42 T2-4ND
31178-1T4b gr3ND
31215-1T4b gr3ND
31271-1T3b gr4No
31321-11 T1T3b gr?ND
  • a CIS, carcinoma in situ; sTCC, superficial transitional cell carcinoma; ND, not determined.

  • b The tumor groups involved were sTCC without CIS (1) , sTCC with CIS (2) , and mTCC (3) .

  • c The numbers indicate the patient number followed by a number indicating number of visit in the clinic.

  • d CIS in selected site biopsies in previous, present, or subsequent visits to the clinic.

  • e Molecular classification of the samples using 25 genes in cross-validation loops.