Table 1

Effects of SNCG expression on tumor incidence and tumor growth of MCF-7 cellsa,b

Experiment groupE2Tumor incidenceTumor volume (mm3)
Tumor/Total(%)Day 21Day 35
MCF-SNCG2+14/16 (88)234 ± 691850 ± 280
MCF-SNCG6+15/16 (94)351 ± 782521 ± 390
MCF-neo1+10/16 (63)101 ± 39491 ± 92
MCF-neo2+11/16 (69)123 ± 25625 ± 130
  • a Cells were injected into the mammary fat pads, and tumor volumes and tumor incidence were determined as described in “Materials and Methods.” Each mouse received two injections. Tumor volumes were measured at 21 and 35 days after cell injection and are expressed as means ± SEs (number of tumors assayed). All the nonovariectomized mice received an estrogen implantation 1 day before the cell injection. There were total 16 injections for 8 mice in each group, and each injection had 5 × 106 cells. Statistical comparisons for SNCG-positive clones relative to SNCG-negative clones indicated P < 0.01 for the mean tumor sizes and P < 0.05 for the tumor incidence. Statistical comparison for primary tumors was analyzed by Student’st test. A χ2 test was used for statistical analysis of tumor incidence.

  • b SNCG, γ synuclein; E2, estradiol.