Table 2

Stimulation of estrogen-mediated tumorigenesis by SNCGa,b

GroupE2Tumor incidence (%)Tumor volume (mm3)
Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 7
MCF-neo1+000020303044 ± 10
MCF-SNCG6+40809090909090194 ± 35
  • a Ovariectomized mice were treated with or without E2 pellet. There were total 10 injections for 5 mice in each group, and each injection had 1.5 × 106 cells. Only measurable tumors were used to calculate the mean tumor volume. Statistical comparisons for SNCG-positive clones relative to SNCG-negative clones indicated P < 0.001 for both tumor incidence and mean tumor sizes in the presence of E2.

  • b SNCG, γ synuclein; E2, estradiol.