Table 2

Quantitative RT-PCRa analysis of mRNA levels of ST6GalNAc6 in human colon cancer tissues and nonmalignant mucosa

Results of real-time RT-PCR analysis using specific TaqMan probe are shown. Sample RNA was prepared from the cancer tissue and nonmalignant colonic mucosa of the same patient (n = 21) except two cases where only cancer tissues were obtained.

CancerbNonmalignant epitheliabPbCancer: nonmalignant epithelia ratiocPc
Mean ± SDnMean ± SDnMean ± SDn
Total10.39 ± 7.632120.35 ± 8.4919P < 0.00020.65 ± 0.6419
Dukes’ A and B4.79 ± 4.87622.60 ± 10.786P < 0.0050.28 ± 0.376P < 0.02
Dukes’ C and D12.63 ± 7.471519.31 ± 7.4913P < 0.020.82 ± 0.6813
  • a RT-PCR, reverse transcription-PCR.

  • b The amount of mRNA for ST6GalNAc6 in each sample was normalized to the housekeeping gene, G3PDH, by dividing by the amount of G3PDH mRNA in the same specimen and presented as a relative expression coefficient (number of amplicons per 103 G3PDH amplicons). P indicates the significance of the difference between the ST6GalNAc6 mRNA expression level in cancer tissues and that in nonmalignant epithelia in every group of patients as ascertained by Students’ t test.

  • c After normalization to the expression level of mRNA, the ratio of the ST6GAlNAc6 mRNA amount in cancer tissues and that in nonmalignant epithelia was calculated in individual patient and analyzed statistically. P indicates the significance in the difference of the ratio between Dukes’ A and B group and the Dukes’ C and D group, as ascertained by Students’ t test.