Table 2

Podocalyxin overexpression is an independent predictor of poor outcome

MarkerDegrees of freedomSignificance (P) *Relative risk (RR) 95% confidence interval for RR
High podocalyxin (group 3)10.00058.4462.98223.917
P53 immunoreactivity10.5811.3290.4853.643
Estrogen receptor status10.4980.7160.2731.881
HER-2 overexpression10.1361.9130.8144.494
Lymph node involvement10.0123.6881.5818.601
Tumor grade, high20.6631.2530.4543.545
Tumor size, >2 cm10.3691.3640.6922.689
  • NOTE. Cox expression multivariate analysis of disease-specific survival.

  • * Considered a significant independent indicator of poor outcome at P < 0.05.

  • Mean-fold increase in relative risk of the group compared to the entire population used to generate the tissue microarray.

  • Upper and lower margins of relative risk using two standard deviations of variation about the mean.