Table 1

Samples showing methylation in the tumor, urine, and serum

No.PathologyaAge (y)SexpTNMbGradecSymptoms/historyMethylation tumor/urine/serumd
1RCC, clear cell70MT1NXMXI–IINone2/3/0
2RCC, clear cell33MT2NXMXIHematuria/pain4/1/1
3RCC, clear cell59MT2NXMXINone2/1/1
4RCC, clear cell58MT2NXMXII/IVCIS of glans, pain, choleliathesis5/5/2
5RCC, clear cell74FT2NXMXIIGlomerulosclerosis3/2/1
6RCC, clear cell61FT2NOMXIINone, renal pelvis involved2/0/1
7RCC, clear cell65MT3aNXMXIIDiscomport3/1/0
8RCC, papillary70MT2NXMXIIINone, collecting duct involved5/1/0
9RCC, clear cell45MT2NXMXINone4/4/2
10RCC, clear cell72MT3aNXMXIIINone3/1/0
11RCC, clear cell46FT2NXMXII–IIINone0/0/0
12RCC, clear cell65MT3bN0M1IIIMetastasis (lung, subcutaneous)4/1/0
13RCC, clear cell60MT2M0NXIINone3/2/1
14RCC, chromoprobe52MT2N0MXII–IIIMicroscopic hematuria5/4/2
15RCC, clear cell75MT2NXMXIIRecurrent UTI, hematuria8/6/1
16RCC, clear cell61MT2NXMXIIHematuria6/6/2
17RCC, clear cell51MT2N0MXII–IIIHematuria5/5/2
18RCC, clear cell60FT1N0MXI–IIDiscomfortND/3/1
19RCC, clear cell69FNAII/IVHematuriaND/4/ND
20RCC, clear cell55MpT2, Nx, MXI–II/IVPainND/4/ND
21Collecting duct carcinoma61FpT3 N1 MXNALyme diseaseND/2/ND
22RCC, clear cell63FpT2, Nx, MXNAHematuriaND/8/ND
23RCC, clear cell68MNAIIIPain and microscopic hamaturiaND/6/ND
24RCC, clear cell65FT3b Nx MXIV/IVRecurrent UTI, hematuria painND/5/ND
25RCC, clear cell81MPT3NXMXIII/IVNocturiaND/0/ND
26RCC, clear cell54FNANANAND/5/ND
  • a RCC, renal cell carcinoma; pTNM: p, pathologic stage; T, tumor size; N, node status; M, metastatic status; NA, not available; CIS, carcinoma in situ; UTI, urinary tract infection; ND, not done.

  • b American Joint Committee on Cancer staging.

  • c American Joint Committee on Cancer.

  • d Number under methylation columns indicates positive methylated genes in tumor, urine, and serum DNA. In total, nine genes were tested by quantitative methylation-specific PCR in each clinical sample. All samples are from patients with malignant tumors.