Table 2

KIT sequence of pre-imatinib, post-imatinib residual GISTs, and clones 1–11

Patients (A-L) and characteristics of GIST specimensKIT sequence
Exon 11*Exon 9Exon 13
Patient A
 Clone 1, rapid progression1690T→GNormal1982T→C (Val654Ala)
 Clone 2, rapid progression1690T→GNormal1982T→C (Val654Ala)
 Clone 3, stable/quiescent1690T→GNormalNormal
Patient B
 Clone 4, rapid progression1691–1696del6Normal1982T→C (Val654Ala)
Patient C
 Clone 5, rapid progression1694–1708del15Normal1982T→C (Val654Ala)
 Clone 6, stable/quiescent1694–1708del15NormalNormal
 Clone 7, stable/quiescent1694–1708del15NormalNormal
Patient D
 Clone 8, rapid progression1690–1695del6Normal1982T→C (Val654Ala)
 Clone 9, stable/quiescent1690–1695del6NormalNormal
Patient E
 Clone 10, pre-imatinibNormal1525–1530ins6Normal
 Clone 11, rapid progressionNormal1525–1530ins61982T→C (Val654Ala)
Patients F,G,H,I
 Residual, stable/quiescentNormal1525–1530ins6Normal
Patient J
 Residual, stable/quiescent1697T→GNormalNormal
Patient K
 Residual, stable/quiescent1697–1708del12NormalNormal
Patient L
 Residual, stable/quiescent1700T→GNormalNormal
  • Abbreviations: del, deletion; ins: insertion.

  • * Exon 11: 1690T→G ⇒ Try557Gly; 1691–1696del ⇒ TryLys557–558 deletion plus Val559Phe; 1694–1708del ⇒ LysValVal GluGlu558–562 deletion; 1690–1695del ⇒ TryLys557–558 deletion; 1697T→G ⇒ Val559Gly; 1697–1708del ⇒ ValVal GluGlu559–562 deletion; 1700T→G ⇒ Val560Gly.

  • Exon 9: 1525–1530ins ⇒ AlaTyr502–503 tandem repeat.