Table 4

Effect of age at onset of allergies on respiratory IgE levels and glioma: San Francisco Bay Area Adult Glioma Study, 1997–2000

Total IgERespiratory IgEHistory of respiratory allergy
Nln(IgE) *SE ln(IgE)P*Geometric mean No. positive% positivePNo. of casesNo. of controlsOR § 95% CI
 Age at onset of Resp allergy<0.001<0.001
  No Resp allergy1232.90.1617.92217.91231291.00
  Age ≤ 12 y373.90.2550.72978.437370.77 (0.45–1.3)
  Age ≥ 13 y643.30.2028.13351.6641220.50 (0.33–0.75)
 Age at onset of Resp allergy0.06<0.001
  No Resp allergy1293.70.1740.42821.7
  Age ≤ 12 y374.40.2780.12773.0
  Age ≥ 13 y1224.00.1752.65948.4
  • Abbreviation: Resp, respiratory.

  • * Least square means and P values for total IgE from a general linear model using continuous IgE value as outcome, adjusted for age, gender, ethnicity, education, and smoking.

  • Least square geometric mean calculated as emean ln(IgE).

  • P values from logistic model using dichotomous IgE value as outcome and adjusted for variables listed above.

  • § Controlled for age, gender, ethnicity, education, and smoking.

  • History of respiratory allergy considered only, with no adjustment for IgE levels.