Table 1

Clinical characteristics of 30 rapid autopsies

Case no.Age at death (year)Gleason score at initial diagnosisTreatment *Months treated with hormones prior to chemotherapyMonths hormone refractory
1779R, H, C2326
259Metastasis H, C, X1221
353Metastasis H, C, X020
4714 R, H, C2413
5549R, H, C367
6716 P, R, H, C302
7659R, H, C3134
868UnknownP, R, H, C5116
9687 P, R, H, C14421
1078UnknownR, H, C2412
11678R, H, C125
12797H, C4219
1371UnknownP, R, H, C12013
14766R, H, C8417
157410R, H, C43
16707P, R, H, C2414
17747H, C, X2111
18615 P, R, H, C6014
19847R, H, C, X6928
20669P, R, H, C, X6514
21649R, H, C2530
22648H, C, X229
23726R, H, C2745
24767R, H, C, X139
2566UnknownH, X420
2676UnknownR, H, C, X6035
27747R, H, C8015
2886UnknownP, H, C11961
29778R, H, C1028
30719H, C, X1316
  • * Treatment regimens: H, hormone ablation by bilateral orchiectomy and/or pharmacological blockage; C, chemotherapy; R, primary or salvage radiation; P, radical prostatectomy; X, palliative radiation.

  • Initial presentation as metastasis outside prostate.

  • Pathology slides not available for review.