Table 1

Mean age at baseline of at-risk family members and age at diagnosis of pancreatic cancer among incident cases in families

At-risk family membersProspective cases
No. of individualsaAge at baseline (±SD)No. of individualsAge at diagnosis of pancreatic cancer (±SD)b
 Male114152.5 (± 18.2)769.5 (± 8.5)
 Female133054.3 (± 18.7)868.4 (± 14.3)
 Male107252.5 (± 18.7)359.4 (± 9.7)
 Female129355.7 (± 19.2)0nac
 Male13566.8 (± 10.7)1>65
 Female23463.0 (± 11.9)0na
Totala517954.6 (± 18.6)19
  • a Because of changes in family cancer status over time, the sum of the number of individuals in each stratum is not equal to the total number of individuals in the study.

  • b To protect the confidentiality of the participants only mean ages (when >2 cases) or age group data (≤2 cases) are shown and the mean (SD) of all cases is not presented.

  • c FPC, familial pancreatic cancer; SPC, sporadic pancreatic cancer; na, not applicable.