Table 2

Risk of pancreatic cancer among unrelated family members and among individuals with a first-degree relative with pancreatic cancer in the familial (FPC) kindreds and sporadic (SPC) kindreds

Family statusaNo. of individualsPerson-years of follow-upObserved casesExpected casesbSIRc (95% CI)
FPC Kindreds19935273111.229.0 (4.5–16.1)
SPC Kindreds1964526521.121.8 (0.22–6.42)
Unrelated369107310.412.4 (0.06–13.5)
  • a FPC kindreds were defined as kindreds having at least one pair of first-degree relatives with pancreatic cancer, and SPC kindreds as families without such an affected pair.

  • b Adjusted for age, sex, and race.

  • c SIR, standardized incidence ratio; CI, confidence interval.