Table 3

Risk of pancreatic cancer (PC) among members of familial pancreatic cancer (FPC) kindreds stratified by their number of first-degree relatives (FDRs) with pancreatic cancer

No. of FDRs with PCaNo. of individualsPerson-years of follow-upObserved casesExpected casesbSIRc (95% CI)
3 or more106287.250.15632.0 (10.4–74.7)
26341597.940.6236.4 (1.8–16.4)
112533388.020.4424.5 (0.54–16.3)
  • a Denotes each individual’s number of FDRs with pancreatic cancer (i.e., the number of their parents, siblings, and children with pancreatic cancer).

  • b Adjusted for age, sex, and race.

  • c SIR, standardized incidence ratio; CI, confidence interval.