Table 4

Standardized incidence ratios (SIRs) for pancreatic cancer in members of kindreds with at least one first-degree relative with pancreatic cancer by smoking status and age

No. of individualsaPerson-years of follow-upObserved casesExpected casesSIR (95% CI)b
Smoking status
 Ever smoker546176170.36519.2 (7.7–39.5)
 Never smoker1214294140.6406.25 (1.70–16.0)
 Unknown23357200.2140 (0–17.3)
 <45738173900.0200 (0–615)
 45–64.9833203340.25315.8 (4.31–40.4)
 ≥65620150270.9477.4 (2.97–15.2)
  • a Because of changes in age strata during follow-up, numbers do not equal total number of individuals in study.

  • b CI, confidence interval.