Table 3

Confirmation of copy number changes in LOHa region by quantitative real time PCR

MarkerCell lineLocationb Mb (Chromosome)Inferred copy numbercMeasured copy numberd
RB1 HCC221847 (13)10.95
RB1 HCC159921.55
TBC1D4 HCC221874 (13)22.35
TBC1D4 HCC159921.95
TPP2 HCC2218102 (13)21.66
TPP2 HCC159921.51
SLC1A1 NCI-H16485 (9)11.00
SLC1A1 HCC118722.31
CDKN2A NCI-H164822 (9)00.00021
CDKN2A HCC118721.58
GSN NCI-H1648115 (9)21.63
GSN HCC118722.32
  • a LOH, loss of heterozygosity.

  • b Location based on hg12 human genome assembly. The loci tested are described in Supplementary Table 1.

  • c Inferred by dChip analysis of single nucleotide polymorphism arrays.

  • d Measured by quantitative real-time PCR of candidate regions with reference to LINE-1 control. The primer sequences are described in Supplementary Table 1.