Table 1.

Overexpressed and underexpressed genes in CMS4-met.sel cells compared with CMS4-met

UniGeneDescriptionFold change
Immune response
    Mm.270157Melanoma antigen11.1
    Mm.42044Inducible T-cell costimulator4.4
    Mm.271833Tnfrsf5 (CD40)2.8
    Mm.4364IL-6 signal transducer4.8
    Mm.18154T-cell lymphoma breakpoint 13.5
    Mm.193451IL-11 receptor, α chain 22.16
    Mm.29798CD34 antigen4.3
Cell cycle and death control
    Mm.243014Lamin A2.6
    Mm.245395Phosphatase and tensin homologue3.8
    Mm.250419Cyclin I2.7
    Mm.22302Granzyme M (lymphocyte met-ase 1)6.7
    Mm.254Tumor protein, translationally controlled 12.5
    Mm.24350H1 histone family, member 02.9
    Mm.1237Peripheral myelin protein5.2
    Mm.1236Growth arrest and DNA damage inducible 45, α5
    Mm.261391RIKEN cDNA 9030625M01 gene4.2
Cell adhesion and communication
    Mm.19423Cadherin 162.8
    Mm.241355Myelin-associated glycoprotein2.4
    Mm.3248Transforming growth factor β1-induced transcript 12.3
    Mm.288381Fibulin 55.2
    Mm.1571Cadherin 112.9
    Mm.6680Catenin δ28.1
    Mm.289739Slit homologue 23.8
    Mm.20365Glycoprotein Ib, β polypeptide8.4
    Mm.277792Procollagen, type I, α295.1
    Mm.50443-Oxoacid CoA transferase 2A9.2
    Mm.10299Procollagen, type V, α281.2
    Mm.193099Fibronectin 118.9
    Mm.249555Procollagen, type III, α13.3
    Mm.394Intercellular adhesion molecule 23.6
    Mm.2423Procollagen, type II, α12.6
    Mm.121878Tropomyosin 1, α8.9
    Mm.278791Calponin 23.3
    Mm.20348Nidogen 23.2
    Mm.290290Tubulin cofactor a2.6
Transcription regulation
    Mm.288642Paired related homeobox 17.5
    Mm.137268Hairy and enhancer of split 53.8
    Mm.44244CREBBP/EP300 inhibitory protein 12.6
    Mm.277683RIKEN cDNA 2210404G23 gene2.8
    Mm.44186Zinc finger protein 297B3.7
    Mm.27015Forkhead box D15.9
    Mm.240627SRY-box containing gene 44.8
    Mm.215390Neurofibromatosis 12.7
    Mm.110220DNA damage inducible transcript 34.5
    Mm.4324Zinc finger protein 1, Y linked2.6
Signal transduction
    Mm.295533Filamin, α2.5
    Mm.30075CDC42 effector protein3.6
    Mm.103336Retinoic acid receptor, α16.8
    Mm.35669RIKEN cDNA 2310047C17 gene2.7
    Mm.222834Olfactory receptor 193.1
    Mm.132958Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 32.8
    Mm.3193Protein kinase inhibitor, α2.4
    Mm.192991Metallothionein 114
    Mm.4141Very low density lipoprotein receptor3.7
    Mm.66222Coxsackievirus and adenovirus receptor2.3
    Mm.281691Secreted frizzled-related sequence protein 13.2
    Mm.22182Wingless-related mouse mammary tumor virus integration site 114.6
    Mm.41780Guanine nucleotide binding protein, γ102.4
    Mm.3925S100 calcium binding protein A43.9
    Mm.289657Janus kinase 13.1
    Mm.7214Annexin A35.7
    Mm.258771Protein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor type, S2.6
    Mm.28551RIO kinase 3 (yeast)3.1
    Mm.130145Guanine nucleotide binding protein, β32.2
    Mm.6442Polycystic kidney disease 22.2
    Mm.297992Fibulin 14.3
    Mm.2241Rho, GDP dissociation inhibitor (GDI) β8.4
    Mm.40577Protein phosphatase 1 (formerly 2C) like2.5
    Mm.2344Guanine nucleotide binding protein, β12.2
    Mm.123866RAB19, member RAS oncogene family9.9
    Mm.26789Casein kinase II, β subunit6.3
Immune response
    Mm.788Lymphocyte antigen 6 complex, locus E−7
    Mm.830Proteasome 28 subunit, α−2.8
    M26156MHC nonclassic class I Thy19.4 gene−2.9
    Mm.141021RIKEN cDNA 1110004C05 gene−2.9
    Mm.22564Histocompatibility 2, class II antigen E β−16.4
Cell cycle and death control
    Mm.273502Centromere autoantigen H−2.3
    Mm.7521RAN, member RAS oncogene family−2.7
    Mm.249363Serine/threonine kinase 6−5.5
    Mm.283573Glutathione reductase 1−6.4
    Mm.28209PERP, TP53 apoptosis effector−2.3
    Mm.271809Fas death domain-associated protein−3
    Mm.260194Polymerase (DNA directed), μ−3.1
    Mm.257590RIKEN cDNA 2810406C15 gene−2.6
    Mm.87072Complement component 8, β subunit−3.3
Cell adhesion and communication
    Mm.266341Neuropilin 2−2.7
    Mm.1287Microtubule-associated protein τ−3.3
    Mm.90003Gap junction membrane channel protein β3−5.1
    Mm.10812Phosphodiesterase 9A−2.8
    Mm.293378CDC42 effector protein (Rho GTPase binding) 4−2.6
    Mm.235813Expressed sequence AI256711−4.1
Transcription regulation
    Mm.26954Homeobox A11−2.9
    Mm.151308D4, zinc and double PHD fingers, family 3−2.8
    Mm.13433DNA cytosine-5-methyltransferase 3-like−6.6
    Mm.4701NK2 transcription factor related, locus 2−2.4
    Mm.29105General transcription factor IIIA−2.3
Signal transduction
    Mm.281490BMP2 inducible kinase−2.7
    Mm.292510RAS-related C3 botulinum substrate 1−2.9
    Mm.12508Karyopherin (importin) α2−3.8
    Mm.4105Lamin B1−3.3
    Mm.289682Disabled homologue 1 (Drosophila)−2.6
    Mm.277406STAT 1−3.1
    Mm.293120STST 2−2.8
    Mm.315235Calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase IIβ−5.1
    Mm.4500Bradykinin receptor, β2−2.5
    Mm.277333Adaptor protein with pleckstrin homology and src−3.1