Table 4.

Summary of flavonolignan rank order of potency in this study

VariableCell lineFlavonolignan rank order of potency
Growth suppressionLNCaPIso B > Sily B > Iso A ≈ Sily A
DU145Iso B > Iso A > Sily A > Sily B
PC3Iso B ≈ Sily B > Iso A ≈ Sily A
G1 cell cycle accumulationDU145Sily B > Iso B ≈ Iso A > Sily A
Topo IIα promoter suppressionDU145Iso B > Sily B > Iso A ≈ Sily A
PSA suppressionLNCaPIso B ≈ Iso A > Sily B ≈ Sily A
  • NOTE: Isosilybin B is shown in bold for orientation.

    Abbreviations: Sily A, Silybin A; Sily B, Silybin B; Iso A, Isosilybin A; Iso B, Isosilybin B.