Table 1.

Characteristics of NSCLC cell lines

Cell lineGefitinib IC50 (μmol/L)EGFR copy no.MutationHistology
H46028.11.1Large cell carcinoma
H226B17.23.1Squamous cell carcinoma
Calu-141.04.6Squamous cell carcinoma
H129938.23.5Large cell carcinoma
  • NOTE: Gefitinib IC50 values were calculated from MTT assays done on NSCLC cell lines treated for 6 days, with 16 replicates at each dose. EGFR copy number was measured by FISH analysis, counting signals in at least 25 cells, and mean values are illustrated. For HCC827 cells, we identified 36 copies by array comparative genomic hybridization (copy number was too high to quantitate by FISH). Mutational status of EGFR exons 19, 20, and 21 is indicated as wild-type (−) or mutant (+). Cell lines histologies include adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, or large cell carcinoma.