Table 1.

Comparison of meningioma and meninges transcript numbers

SAGE library comparisonTotal transcripts comparedUnique transcriptsAltered transcripts *% differentially expressed
Meninges vs. benign 1107,94940,4041110.27
Meninges vs. atypical 1101,92138,3871730.45
Meninges vs. malignant115,28741,7901520.36
Benign 1 vs. benign 2104,67938,442870.22
Benign 1 vs. atypical 287,13632,3151640.50
Benign 1 vs. malignant100,50235,9881750.48
  • * Altered transcripts were derived by performing pair-wise comparisons and counting the number of transcripts that were altered by more than 5-fold and were statistically significant (P < 0.001).