Table 1.

ND-GFP–expressing organs and tissues in the ND-GFP nude and ND-GFP C57/B16 mice

OrganDegree of fluorescence in ND-GFP nude mouseCommentsReference
Skin++++ND-GFP–expressing hair follicle stem cells are precursors of ND-GFP–expressing hair follicles and network of blood vessels interconnecting the follicles.Li et al. ( 1)
Amoh et al. ( 2)
Amoh et al. ( 19)
Present work
Brain+++++Optic chiasma, neural crest, and neural stem cells were found to express ND-GFP in C57/B6 mice.Zimmerman et al. ( 5)
Lendahl et al. ( 4)
Lothian and Lendahl ( 20)
Kawaguchi et al. ( 21)
Yamaguchi et al. ( 22)
Yaworsky and Kappen ( 23)
Mignone et al. ( 7)
Present work
Spinal cord+++Present work
Pancreas++++Islets, ductal epithelia, pericytes, mesenchymal region, vascular endothelial cells, and acinar cells express ND-GFP in C57/B6 mice.Hunziker and Stein ( 24)
Zulewski et al. ( 25)
Klein et al. ( 26)
Lardon et al. ( 27)
Selander and Edlund ( 28)
Present work
Testis++++Frojdman et al. ( 29)
Present work
Skeletal muscle++Blood vessels in muscle express ND-GFP.Sejeren and Lendahl ( 30)
Present work
Kidney++Blood vessels in glomerulus express ND-GFP.Present work
Stomach++Present work
Duodenum+Present work
Esophagus+++Present work
Heart+Present work
Lung++Present work