Table 1.

Identification of IGFBP-5, collagens, and other proteins in the medium of colonic myofibroblasts treated with MMP-7, MMP-3, and MMP-8

TreatmentProtein scorepHAssignmentCoverage (%)
MMP-73343-10Collagen α 2 type I6
MMP-72113-10Collagen α 2 type I15
MMP-73373-10Collagen α 2 type I21
MMP-74953-10Collagen α 1 type III8
MMP-71094-7IGFBP-5 (a)10
MMP-71134-7IGFBP-5 (b)29
MMP-73044-7Collagen α 1 type III22
MMP-73244-7Collagen α 1 type III5
MMP-73444-7Collagen α 2 type I21
MMP-72654-7Collagen α 1 type VI (a)29
MMP-71914-7Collagen α 1 type VI (b)23
MMP-7954-7Fibronectin 135
MMP-82173-10Collagen α 1 type I5
MMP-82583-10Collagen α 2 type I17
MMP-83493-10Collagen α 1 type III COOH-terminal propeptide40
MMP-84293-10Collagen α 1 type III7
MMP-82913-10Collagen α 2 type I8
  • NOTE: The pH column refers to the range used for isoelectric focusing in two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. See Materials and Methods for details of the methods used for assignments and a description of protein scores.