Table 1.

Distribution of study characteristics overall by first and fifth quintiles of total meat consumption

CharacteristicsOverall (n = 38,513)By total meat intake
Lowest quintile (n = 7,625)Highest quintile (n = 7,870)
Age (y)62.863.561.8
Female (%)47.670.420.9
Ethnicity (%)
    Non-Hispanic White90.0088.8989.02
    Non-Hispanic Black3.803.534.37
    Pacific Island0.500.330.80
    American Indian, Alaskan native0.210.250.23
    Not answered0.130.130.19
Some college level education (%)70.868.870.8
BMI (kg/m2)27.325.928.8
Vigorous physical activity (%)
    >1 h/wk67.9870.5664.21
    ≤1 h/wk31.7029.0335.51
    Not answered or multiple answers0.320.410.28
Regular use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (%)
    Not answered0.650.730.75
Smoking status (%)
    Current cigarette smoker8.095.9110.65
    Ex-cigarette smoker42.3236.2447.88
    Never cigarettes, but pipe and cigar4.322.266.87
    Not answered0.140.130.15
Alcohol (g/d)10.75.916.3
Total caloric intake (kcal/d)2,0571,4592,912
Red meat (g/d)77.825.1164.7
White meat (g/d)53.720.1105.3
Total fat (g/d)67.641.5105.9
Saturated fat (g/d)22.914.135.9
Folate (μg/d)378.0318.4463.0
Calcium (mg/d)961.0780.61,214.0
Fiber (g/d)23.419.928.7