Table 1.

TUNEL analysis of wild-type and mutant WT1A cell lines

Cell line% Tunnel positive
A.0 h24 h48 h
WT1A (6 ng/mL tetracyline)8.15.333.0
B.0 h72 h
WT1A, GFP0.736.7
WT1A, VDAC10.740.2
WT1A, VDAC20.525.3
WT1A-112, GFP1.42.2
WT1A-112, VDAC11.42.2
WT1A-112, VDAC21.51.8
  • NOTE: Cells expressing wild-type and mutant WT1A were incubated in the presence of 1,000 and 0 ng/mL tetracycline (6 ng/mL tetracycline for WT1A). Where indicated, WT1A-expressing cells were infected with the MIGR1 retroviral vector expressing GFP, GFP + VDAC1, or VDAC2. At the indicated time, floating cells were combined with adherent cells, labeled with fluorescein or TMR red by TUNEL reaction, and processed by FACS analysis.