Table 1.

Summary of phenotypes of L2LMP1 mice

Founder/lineLineLinkageSkinTailEars *Other
    101Y(1 d)ND
    101X(5 d)ND++++
    99(11 d)ND++++++
    107(9 d)ND+++
    104(0-16 wk) ND++++++
    117YPapilloma+++++Lymphoid hyperplasia
    105BARare papilloma+++
    105AYWasting phenotype
  • NOTE: The founders or lines are shown in order of decreasing phenotypic severity.

    √ = line established or age of death of founder is given in parenthesis.

    Abbreviations: Y, y chromosome; A, autosome; ND, not determined.

  • * An adult phenotype only.

  • Age of death of offspring derived from founder 104.