Table 2.

Genes associated with esophageal carcinogenesis

Accession no.SymbolDescriptionGene ontologyLog ratio (average)
A. Forty-one up-regulated genes associated with the esophageal carcinogenesis
U65656Mmp2 *Rat gelatinase A mRNA, complete cds. (matrix metalloproteinase 2)metallopeptidase activity, carcinogenesis−0.1410.2870.976
AB012026Krt2- 6aMouse gene for keratin 6α, exon 2.structural constituent of cytoskeleton−0.1171.1941.637
X68273Cd68Mouse mRNA for macrosialin.CD68 antigen, integral to membrane−0.0980.3990.888
U32115Gp38Rat E11 antigen epitope (OTS- 8) mRNA, complete cds.lung development0.0220.3110.739
AB045293Tmem8Mouse mRNA for M83 protein, complete cds.cell adhesion molecule activity−0.2310.4440.964
AF000302LynBRat Lyn B tyrosine kinase (LynB) mRNA, complete cds.cell growth and/or maintenance−0.0380.2630.760
U14914PtprrRat protein tyrosine phosphatase PC12- PTP1 (PTP) mRNA, complete cds.transmembrane receptor activity−0.5250.1210.606
D63774Krt14Rat mRNA for keratin 14, partial cds.structural constituent of cytoskeleton−0.1030.2970.932
X58861C1qaMouse mRNA for complement subcomponent C1Q α- chain.complement activity−0.2680.4010.996
Y00708Ctsh *Rat mRNA for cathepsin H (EC type peptidase activity, carcinogenesis−0.0940.2990.865
X71899PlaurRat uPAR- 2 mRNA for urinary plasminogen activator receptor 2.Plasminogen activator, urokinase receptor−0.2090.0180.528
X56602G1p2Mouse mRNA Interferon- induced 15- kDa protein.immune response−0.2430.0560.692
AF004811MsnRat moesin mRNA, complete cds.structural molecule activity0.0520.4700.897
Z78279Col1a1Rat mRNA for collagen α1 type I.cell adhesion molecule activity−0.1690.0470.961
AF165887Bcat1Rat cytosolic branch chain aminotransferase BCATc mRNA, partial cds.transferase activity−0.1020.1220.893
X15963Cox5aMouse mRNA for cytochrome c oxidase subunit Va.oxidoreductase activity−0.0390.1480.772
AF176840Chst5Mouse intestine N- acetylglucosamine 6- O- sulfotransferase (I- GlcNAc- 6- ST) mRNA, complete cds.transferase activity−0.1520.7261.321
U43327Lamc2Mouse laminin γ2 chain (B2t) mRNA, complete cds.cell adhesion molecule activity0.0200.3290.740
D88250C1s *Rat mRNA for serine protease, complete cds.serine protease, carcinogenesis0.0820.6061.139
U07201AsnsRat asparagine synthetase mRNA, secondary transcript, complete cds.ligase activity0.0920.5911.016
AF083269Arpc1bRat p41- Arc mRNA, complete cds.structural constituent of cytoskeleton, cell motility0.1100.4390.826
U57362Col12a1Rat collagen XII α1 (Col12a1) mRNA, partial cds.cell adhesion molecule activity−0.0410.1310.992
AF010405Foxq1Mouse fork head transcription factor (Hfh- 1L) gene, complete cds.transcription factor activity0.1140.3690.766
AF135059Fbn1Rat fibrillin- 1 mRNA, complete cds.cell adhesion molecule activity, metanephrogenesis−0.0360.2810.914
M83143Siat1Rat β- galactoside- alpha 2,6- sialyltransferase mRNA.transferase activity−0.1190.5351.107
M38135CtshRat cathepsin H (RCHII) mRNA.cysteine- type peptidase activity, carcinogenesis−0.0030.3870.947
AAF35394Gga2γ-adaptin related protein, GGA2protein transporter activity0.1700.3670.780
AF159593Plscr1Mouse phospholipid scramblase 1 mRNA, complete cds.calcium ion binding−0.1200.2600.957
X80638ArhcMouse rhoC mRNA.cell growth and/or maintenance, carcinogenesis−0.0020.1530.784
U81829CaluMouse calumenin mRNA, complete cds.calcium ion binding protein−0.241−0.0340.339
Z18877Oas1Rat mRNA for 2′-5′- oligoadenylate synthetase.2'- 5'- oligoadenylate synthetase activity−0.1690.0820.647
X51615Cx26Rat RNA for connexin protein junction membrane channel protein0.0310.3061.000
BAA24267Farp1CDEPRho guanyl- nucleotide exchange factor activity−0.2770.0320.624
AJ400844PilraMouse mRNA for imunoglobulin-like cell surface receptor FDF03.protein binding−0.339−0.0100.528
D86041Ddah1Rat mRNA for N-G,N-G-dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolasehydrolase activity−0.1130.0200.694
X70369Col3a1Rat mRNA for pro α1 collagen type III.extracellular matrix structural constituent−0.1020.2611.000
L03294LplRat lipoprotein lipase mRNA, complete cds.lipid transporter activity−0.1450.2320.825
U06755Cnn3Rat Sprague- Dawley acidic calponin mRNA, complete cds.actin bundling activity, calmodulin binding0.0180.2720.930
J03026MgpRat matrix Gla protein mRNA, complete cds.calcium ion binding−0.1380.4421.446
AB008571Fhl2 *Rat mRNA for DRAL, complete cds.protein binding−0.0880.2730.905
L00193Krt1- 10Mouse epidermal keratin type I intermediate filament gene, exons 2 to 8.structural constituent of cytoskeleton0.1110.9431.354
B. Nine down-regulated genes associated with the esophageal carcinogenesis
AF001896Aldh1a1 *Rat aldehyde dehydrogenase mRNA, complete cds.oxidoreductase activity0.022−0.432−0.911
BAA87047Mtvr2C184M proteinreceptor activity0.105−0.297−0.733
AF151982SlpiRat secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor mRNA, complete cds.inflammatory response regulate0.032−0.532−1.150
AF121081Slc37a2Mouse cAMP inducible 2 protein (Ci2) mRNA, complete cds.glycerol- 3- phosphate transporter activity−0.109−0.322−0.918
AJ132356ArsBMouse ARS component B gene, exons 1- 3.cytokine activity−0.108−0.759−1.427
AF017393Cyp2f1 *Rat cytochrome P4502F4 (CYP4502F4) mRNA, complete cds.monooxygenase activity−0.165−0.508−1.248
U04842EgfRat preproepidermal growth factor mRNA, complete cds.growth factor activity0.121−0.335−0.*757
CAA69194PirPirintranscription cofactor activity0.144−0.198−0.612
AAC17966DscamDown syndrome cell adhesion moleculecell adhesion molecule activity0.066−0.136−0.667
  • * The gene expression levels were validated by real-time RT-PCR, and results are shown in Fig. 6.