Table 2.

BMP4, BMP7, Ets-1, and AP-2 expression in nevi, primary melanoma, and metastasis of malignant melanoma

NeviPrimary melanomaMetastasis of malignant melanoma
BMP4weakstrongexpression weaker than PM
BMP7weakstrongsingle cells strong
AP-2strongweakno expression [Baldi et al. (JCB 2001), Bar-Eli M. (Pigment Cell Res 2001)]
  • NOTE: Expression levels of BMP4, BMP7, Ets-1, and AP-2 were compared at different stages of melanoma development and progression. BMP4, BMP7, and Ets-1 are up-regulated in melanoma compared to nevi, whereas AP-2 expression is decreased in primary melanoma and lost in metastasis of malignant melanoma.