Table 1.

Presentation of OTX2 transcript in SAGE libraries

LibraryNo. SAGE librariesNo. libraries containing OTX2 tagNo. total OTX2 tag observedAverage no. of OTX2 tags/library
Breast carcinoma27260.22
Thyroid follicular carcinoma1000
Lung adenocarcinoma2000
Stomach carcinoma4000
Pancreas carcinoma6000
Liver cholangiocarcinoma3000
Peritoneum mesothelioma1000
Kidney carcinoma1000
Colon adenocarcinoma6000
Ovary adenocarcinoma5000
Prostate carcinoma11000
Cartilage chondrosarcoma8000
Skin melanoma2000
Normal thalamus1188
Normal retina4371.75
Normal cerebellum2000
Normal cortex3000
Normal thyroid1000
Normal lung3000
Normal heart1000
Normal breast9000
Normal stomach2000
Normal pancreas3000
Normal liver1000
Normal kidney3000
Normal colon2000
Normal peritoneum1000
Normal spinal cord1000
Normal ovary2000
Normal placenta2000
Normal prostate4000
Normal bone marrow3000
Normal muscle2000
Normal skin1000
Normal lymph node1000
Normal leukocytes2000
  • NOTE: SAGE analysis of 157 tumors and 54 normal human tissues revealed that the OTX2 SAGE tags were most prevalent and showed highest expression in medulloblastomas, whereas OTX2 tags were absent or at low levels in other tumor types and in normal tissues. Tag numbers of OTX2 were obtained normalized as tags of OTX2 per 200,000 total tags.