Table 2.

Expression of mRNAs in normal and tumor tissues

BreastUterusColonStomachOvaryLungKidneyRectumThyroidProstateSmall intestineOther
A, expression of stat3 mRNA
Total samples50443927162120186422
Higher in tumor2833818104244110
Higher in normal14814346990200
About equal83176211952112
B, expression of human stat3, met, and mras mRNAs
STAT3 overexpressed2833818104244110
MET overexpressed2226816104233010
M-RAS overexpressed212341592134110
STAT3 is not overexpressed221131961718142312
MET overexpressed17813324422110
M-RAS overexpressed1874121431312
  • NOTE: The Cancer Profiling Array (Clontech) was hybridized with human stat3, met, and mras cDNAs-see Fig. 4. The intensity of signal in every cancer tissue spot was counted and compared with the counterpart normal tissue.