Table 1.

Characterization of human lung cancer cell lines

Cell lineTumor typeEGFR gene mutationAmino acid substitutionRelative EGFR expressionRelative Neu expressionRelative ERβ expressionIC50 for gefitinib (μmol/L)
A549Bronchoalveolar carcinomaNoneNone4251940
273TSquamousA to G (nucleotide 2,180)Y727C10010010017
  • NOTE: The EGFR tyrosine kinase domain was sequenced in 201T, A549, and 273T cell lines. A mutation of the EGFR gene was found in 273T cells located at nucleotide 2,180 within exon 18 resulting in a change of Tyr727 to Cys. EGFR, Neu, and ERβ protein expression was quantitated using densitometry and ImageQuant analysis and expressed relative to the intensity of the signal in 273T cells. The IC50 for gefitinib was calculated under normal growth conditions using a MTS assay.