Table 2.

HER2 mutation in lung cancer

Origin/countrySample no.SexAgeHistologySmoking (pack-years)StageNucleotideAmino acidDesignation *
Primary tumor
Japan60F74AdenocarcinomaNSI2325-2336 ins ATACGTGATGGCYVMA 776-779 insD21
79F58AdenocarcinomaNSI2325-2336 ins ATACGTGATGGCYVMA 776-779 insD21
135F58AdenocarcinomaS (0.5)I2327-2329 ins TTTG776V, CinsD22
153F66AdenocarcinomaNSIII2327-2329 ins TTT, 2326 G>CG776L, CinsD23
154F52AdenocarcinomaS (5)III2340-2348 ins GGGCTCCCCGSP 781-783 insD24
189M63AdenocarcinomaS (40)I2325-2336 ins ATACGTTGATGGCYVMA 776-779 insD21
254F68AdenocarcinomaNSI2341-2349 ins GGCTCCCCAGSP 781-783 insD25
276M58AdenocarcinomaNSI2325-2336 ins ATACGTTGATGGCYVMA 776-779 insD21
Taiwan11M72AdenocarcinomaNSII2327-2329 ins TTTG776V, CinsD22
438F76AdenocarcinomaNSI2325-2336 ins ATACGTGATGGCYVMA 776-779 insD26
Australia478M83AdenocarcinomaNSI2326-2337 ins TACGTGATGGCTYVMA 776-779 insD26
Cell lineNCI-H1781F66AdenocarcinomaS (60)III2327-2329 ins TGTG776V, CinsD27
  • Abbreviations: M, male; F, female; NS, never smoker; S, smoker; ins, insertion.

  • * Designation terminology: We had previously assigned designations to EGFR mutations by mutation type followed by a number for mutation variation (24). D, duplications/insertions. To distinguish EGFR gene duplications/insertions from those in the HER2 gene, we assigned the subscript D2 for the former.