Table 1.

Differentially expressed genes after inactivation of MAPK in MPSC1 cells

Gene nameUniGene numberPossible functionsTag count CI-1040-treated cellsTag count DMSO-treated cellsFold of difference by real-time PCR
Cyclin D1371468Cell cycle progression of G1 phase; proto-oncogene.12310.9-fold down
COBRA1410095Binds to chromatin-unfolding domains of BRCA1 and induces chromatin decondensation063.7-fold down
HSPC152333579Unknown function, hypothetical protein2123.1-fold down
NFκB458276Transcription factor, involved in the inflammatory and immune response063.6-fold down
PPP1R14B120197PPP; Ser/Thr phosphatases implicated in a multitude of cellular functions16372.9-fold down
PPP2R5D118244073.5-fold down
Transglutaminase-2512708Catalyze cross-linking of proteins. Maybe involved in apoptosis.3274.4-fold down
TRAIL387871Mediator of apoptosis, immune regulation and inflammation.1732.5-fold up
Thrombospondin-1164226Inhibits angiogenesis and tumorigenesis, extracellular matrix protein1102-fold up
Calnexin155560Type-I integral membrane protein (lectin) that serves as molecular chaperone for glycoproteins in the endoplasmic.602.3-fold up
Nucleobindin172609Might play a role in G protein- and Ca2+-regulated signal transduction603-fold up
Optineurin390162Cellular target for adenovirus E3. Affecting cell death through the tumor necrosis factor receptor.802.5-fold up
Palladin194431Actin-associated protein that control cell shape, adhesion, and contraction.2383.4-fold up
Pannexin32163Induced formation of intercellular channels.702.7-fold up
  • NOTE: Expression level in CI-1040- versus DMSO-treated MPCS1 cells.

    Abbreviation: PPP, protein phosphatase.