Table 1.

Clinical parameters and outcome of patient who underwent neoadjuvant chemotherapy prior to surgery versus surgery alone

Patient no.TMN stagingNeoadjuvant therapyTumor pathologySA-β-galFollow-up
1T2N0M0Carboplatin/taxol × 3Complete response+/−NANo evidence of disease/18 mo
2T3N1M0Carboplatin/taxol × 3Viable tumor+/−++++Deceased/recurrent disease/14 mo
3T3N0M0Carboplatin/taxol × 3Viable tumor+/−+++No evidence of disease/11 mo
4T3N0M0NoneViable tumorNo evidence of disease/16 mo
5T2N0M0NoneViable tumor+/−+/−No evidence of disease/13 mo
6T2N0M0NoneViable tumorNo evidence of disease/11 mo
  • NOTE: +/−, scant/spotty positive.