Table 2.

Expression and mutation of c-Met, cell growth, signal transduction with HGF, and inhibition in normal and mesothelioma cells

Cell line
c-Met expression+++++++++++++++
Cell growth with HGF+/−+++++/−+++
Signal transduction with HGF
    p-c-Met (Y1230/ 1234/1235)++++++NDND
    p-c-Met (Y1003)++++++++++NDND
    p-AKT (S473)+++++++++NDND
    p-ERK1/2 (pT185/pY187)+++++++++++NDND
Inhibition of cell growth
    SU11274 (48 h)++++++++++
Mutation of c-Met+ (T1010I)+ (T1010I)
  • NOTE: −, negative or very low; +, low; ++, moderate; +++, high; ND, not determined.