Table 1.

Expression of cell cycle genes after DHT (1 nmol/L) stimulation based on Affymetrix oligonucleotide microarrays

ProbeGene2 h4 h8 h24 h
208712Cyclin D11.
208711Cyclin D10.
200953Cyclin D20.
201700Cyclin D30.
213523Cyclin E11.11.11.5
211814Cyclin E2v10.
205034Cyclin E20.
205899Cyclin A11.
203418Cyclin A21.
202284p21, Cip11.
209112p27, Kip10.
  • NOTE: All values are average of duplicate samples. Results for cyclin E1 at 2 hours were uncertain due to large differences in the replicates.