Table 1.

Association between GRP78 expression and patient characteristics

Patient characteristicsNumber of patientsGRP78 expression
% Positive *P
Menopausal status
    Infiltrating ductal carcinoma115660.045
    Infiltrating lobular carcinoma1090
    Others 20
    T1 (≤2 cm)44680.94
    T2 (>2, ≤5 cm)6868
    T3, T4 (>5 cm or inflammatory)1173
    Tx (cannot be measured)4(25)
Lymph node status
Lymphovascular invasion
ER/PR status §
    −/+, +/−, or +/+9768
HER-2/neu status
    Adriamycin based 102670.90
    Taxanes added **2568
Surgery type and radiation therapy
    Segmental, radiated34620.45
    Segmental, not radiated10
    Mastectomy, radiated2273
    Mastectomy, not radiated7068
  • * Percent of subjects with GRP78-positive staining.

  • Based on χ2 test, except for histology and surgery type and radiation therapy, for which P is based on Fisher's exact test. Excludes patients with unknown status.

  • Others include medullary carcinoma and papillary carcinoma.

  • § Estrogen receptor/progesterone receptor status.

  • Limited to infiltrating ductal carcinoma.

  • Adriamycin with one or more of cyclophosphamide, 5-fluorouracil, or methotrexate.

  • ** Adriamycin-based chemotherapy followed by or combined with taxanes.