Table 2.

The characteristics of 10 patients with the T790M mutation

PatientSexAgePathologySmokingDirect sequencingStageResponseProgression-free survivalOverall survival
1M70ADSWild-typeWild-typeIIIBPD11297 *
2M56ADSWild-typeG12VIVNC122178 *
3M35SQSWild-typeG12DIVPD2191 *
4M80ADSL858RWild-typeIIANE10109 *
5F77ADSQNST790M+L858RWild-typeIIIANC48261 *
6M68LCSWild-typeWild-typeIVNC60107 *
8M48SQSWild-typeWild-typeIIIANC99406 *
10 M71ADSWild-typeWild-typeIIIANANANA
  • Abbreviations: AD, adenocarcinoma; SQ, squamous cell carcinoma; ADSQ, adenosquamous carcinoma; LC, large cell carcinoma; S, smoker; NS, never smoker; PD, progressive disease; NC, no change; NE, not evaluable; NA, not available.

  • * Death.

  • Patient 10 was not treated with gefitinib.