Table 1.

Candidate nephroblastoma-associated loci inferred from the analysis of VIS

Candidate locusCandidate genesSamplesEvidence
Nal 1-17WCC939.1a, WCBO30.1d1
Nal 1-19Hyal-2WCB789.1b, WCB818.2a1
Nal 1-85POU2/OTF1/OCT1BL101.1a2, 5
Nal 1-106WCB819.2c, WCB030.2a1
Nal 1-145spry-2BL344.2a, BL326.1c1, 2, 4
Nal 1-187WCB813.1a5
Nal 2-28twistBL102.2b, BL107.1a, BL122.1a, BL395.1a, WCB030.1b ( 10)1, 2, 3, 4
Nal 2-88dyneinBL395.1b, WCC036.2a2
Nal 2-104WCB039.1d, WCC939.1a1
Nal 2-110plag1BL304.1a, BL338.2a, BL384.2a, BL410.2c, WCB789.1c, WCB813.1a1, 2, 4
Nal 2-118atbf1BL326.1c, BL819.1a2
Nal 2-132novBL435.1b, X59284 ( 13)2, 3, 4
Nal 2-145akiaa0196, flj32440WCC037.2b, WCC042.2a1, 4
Nal 2-145benc1, fbx032WCB030.2c, WCC042.1b, WCC939.1c1
Nal 3-30LOC116228WCB030.1e, BL378.2a1
Nal 5-13c-Ha-rasBL389.2a, BL821.1a, X03578 ( 21)1, 2, 3
Nal 6-28WCB822.2b, WCC850.1c1
Nal 12-15foxP1WCC036.2a, WCC037.1a, WCC814.1d, WCC85O.1a, WCB826.1a1, 2, 4
  • NOTE: Candidate loci were selected as described in Results, based on the following criteria: 1, multiple VISs within 20 kbp; 2, multiple hits in a defined large gene locus (VIS distance >20 kbp); 3, previously described VIS (accession nos. and the corresponding references are listed in the third column along with our samples); 4, experimentally confirmed deregulated expression of the candidate gene (overexpression or presence of transcripts with an altered coding sequence); 5, single clonal retroviral integration in the sample (single integration confirmed both by Southern blot and inverse PCR analyses). The criteria that led to the selection of candidate loci are summarized in the fourth column.