Table 2.

Prevalence of prostate cancer in placebo arm and GTC arm at the 6-month biopsy checkpoint and at the end of the 1-year study (12 months biopsy checkpoint)

Study arm6-months biopsy check12-months biopsy checkTotal no. of CaPs diagnosed/total no. of recruited subjectsPrevalence of prostate cancer
Placebo6 of 303 of 24 *9 of 3030.0%
GTCs0 of 301 of 301 of 303.3%
P value (95% confidence, placebo vs. GTC)<0.01
  • * Six patients, diagnosed with prostate cancer at the 6 months biopsy check, left the study and were not subjected to the subsequent 12 months biopsy check. Statistical analysis (t test analysis) shows that the difference in prostate cancer prevalence between the two arms was highly significant (P < 0.01).