Table 1.

Effect of selected compounds on Hsp72 induction and toxicity in CHO cells

NameStructureIC50 HSP72 induction inhibition, μmol/L (CHO cells)IC50 toxicity, μmol/L (CHO cells)
Emetine Embedded Image<0.25<0.25
Isocephaeline, NCS-32944 Embedded Image<0.5<0.5
Dehydroemetine, NCS-129414 Embedded Image<0.5<0.5
NZ60, NCS-134757 Embedded Image>10<2
NZ28, NCS-134754 Embedded Image15
NZ62, NCS-134759 Embedded Image>10<2
NZ71, Emunin, NCS-113238 Embedded Image5>10
NZ61, NCS-134758 Embedded Image>10<2
NZ54, NCS-118072 Embedded Image>10<2
NZ50, NCS-10105 Embedded Image>10<2
Tubulosine, NCS-131547 Embedded Image0.50.25
NZ72, NCS-131548 Embedded Image2>2