Table 1.

Model parameters and their numerical values

ParametersDescriptionNumerical valuesDimensions
λProliferation rate of tumor cells2 × 10−21/h
δInfected cell lysis rate1/181/h
μRemoval rate of necrotic cells1/481/h
bBurst size of infected cells50viruses/cell
𝛉Density of tumor cells106cells/mm3
DDiffusion coefficient of viruses3.6 × 10−2mm2/h
βInfection rate7/10 × 10−9mm3/h virus
kImmune killing rate2 × 10−8mm3/h immune cell
k0Take-up rate of viruses10−8mm3/h immune cell
sStimulation rate by infected cells5.6 × 10−7mm3/h infected cell
ωClearance rate of immune cells20 × 10−8mm3/h cell
γClearance rate of viruses2.5 × 10−21/h