Table 1.

Different cytokine profile of peptide-stimulated T cells as evaluated by Th1/Th2 CBA assay

hLAG-3IgCytokine release (pg/mL)
    Lymphocytes only000000
    Peptide-stimulated lymphocytes94.7449.3168.8384.019.255.4
    Tumor-stimulated lymphocytes10.238.00000
    Lymphocytes only0000
    Peptide-stimulated lymphocytes0124.1056.2
    Tumor-stimulated lymphocytes010.900
  • NOTE: PBMCs of melanoma patients P1 and P2 were subjected to two rounds of in vitro stimulation with MART26-35A27L peptide and analyzed for their production of Th1 or Th2 cytokines, alone and after stimulation with the specific peptide or with the Me501 melanoma cell line. Data indicate the quantitative measurement of cytokines expressed as pg/mL. IFN-γ release was not included in this analysis, whereas IL-6 and IL-10 levels were under the limits of sensitivity of the assay in all the conditions tested. Of note, T cells from patient P1 did also release IL-4. Assay sensitivity = 10 pg/mL. Values below the sensitivity threshold were reported to 0. SDs calculated on three replicates were <10% of the indicated value.