Table 6.

FPRPs for selected associations between genetic polymorphisms and lung cancer risk

SNP or haplotype *Subset of subjectsOR (95% CI) PPrior probabilityFPRP
IL1A C-889TAll1.22 (1.06–1.40)0.0060.010.429
IL1A Ala114SerAll1.18 (1.03–1.36)0.0200.010.687
IL1B C3954TAll1.27 (1.10–1.47)0.0010.010.148
GM-CSF Ile117ThrAll1.16 (1.00–1.34)0.0560.010.854
PPARD 5′-UTR(T/C)All1.21 (1.04–1.40)0.0130.010.604
IL1A and IL1B m-m-m-w-wAll1.26 (1.05–1.51)0.0120.0010.925
IL1A and IL1B w-w-m-w-wAll1.80 (1.24–2.61)0.0020.0010.877
IL1A C-889TEmphysema1.93 (1.27–2.96)0.0020.010.544
IL1A Ala114SerEmphysema1.85 (1.22–2.82)0.0040.010.620
IL1A C-889THeavy smoker1.42 (1.15–1.74)0.0010.010.098
IL1A Ala114SerHeavy smoker1.38 (1.12–1.70)0.0020.010.187
IL1B C3954THeavy smoker1.59 (1.28–1.97)2 × 10−50.010.004
IL1A and IL1B w-w-m-w-wAge 62+ y3.53 (2.05–6.10)6 × 10−60.0010.223
IL1A and IL1B w-w-m-w-wHeavy smoker3.18 (1.78–5.67)9 × 10−50.0010.601
  • * All comparisons are for combined heterozygotes and homozygotes for mutant allele of SNP or specified haplotype, versus all others.

  • ORs for lung cancer are adjusted for age, sex, and logcig-years as a measure of cumulative tobacco exposure; see also Tables 2 and 5.

  • FPRP calculations are based on Wacholder et al. ( 25) and the spreadsheet program provided with that article at The calculations assume that power is to detect an OR of 1.3 for SNPs in the overall study population, 1.6 for haplotypes in the overall population or SNPs in subsets of the population, and 2.0 for haplotypes in subsets of the population.