Table 1.

Tumors in transplanted, aged mice

MouseGenderTime after treatment (mo)Tumor locationHistology
GFP transplant (whole BM)Male19Seminal vesicleTransitional cell carcinoma
GFP transplant (MSC)Male22Right upper backFibrosarcoma
GFP transplant (whole BM)Female20Left flankFibrosarcoma
GFP transplant (MSC)Female24Lateral to left eyeAdenosquamous carcinoma
ROSA transplant (MSC)Female19SpleenLymphoma
ROSA transplant (whole BM)Male21Right upper backFibrosarcoma
ROSA transplant (MSC)Female24Left face at jawFibrosarcoma
C57BL/6 WTFemale19Right flankFibrosarcoma
C57BL/6 WTFemale20Lateral to right eyeEpithelial cell-suspected lacrimal gland tumor
C57BL/6 WTFemale24Right flankFibrosarcoma
C57BL/6 WTFemale24Spleen and colonic mesenteryLymphoma
C57BL/6 WTMale19Left upper backFibrosarcoma
C57BL/6 WTMale22LiverNecrotic, histology not clear
  • NOTE: GFP transplant aged mice, n = 20. ROSA transplant aged mice, n = 18. C57BL/6 aged mice, n = 30. Tumors arising from the BM are shown in bold.