Table 1.

Alterations in protein expression in A459 cells by resveratrol

Protein IDProtein function/related informationLocus link IDFold change
ADAM9/MDC9A disintegrin and metalloprotease domain involved in cell-cell and cell-matrix adhesion and possibly the degradation of the extracellular matrix8754+2
Annexin IISubstrate for the src oncogene, associated with membrane trafficking302+2
A-RafProto-oncogene, serine/threonine-specific protein kinase64363+2
ASSArgininosuccinate synthetase, critical for normal urea cycle function and for basal and inducible NO production445+2
Bet1Golgi integral membrane protein, helps mediate ER to Golgi vesicular transport29631+2
BiP/GRP78Chaperone of the ER lumen, ensures movement of proteins from the ER to the Golgi apparatus3309+2
CD38Cell surface protein, important for lymphocyte migration, and may be involved in the propagation of leukemic cells952+2
DoublecortinIntegral component of tyrosine kinase signal transduction pathways that regulate neuronal migration and development of the cerebral cortex13193+2
eIF-5aEukaryotic initiation factor 5a, role in nuclear transport1984+2
Gap1mGTPase-activating protein 1m, associated with the non-oncogenic form of Ras25597+2
Inhibitor 2A chaperone for protein phosphatase 1, prevents the unregulated dephosphorylation of cellular substrates5504+2
Integrin a2/VLA-2aRole in cellular adhesion, may function in intracellular signal transmission3673+2
Phospholipase Cd1Hydrolyzes inositol phospholipids5333+2
PI3KPhosphorylates the inositol ring of phosphatidylinositol5295+2
Rap2Member of the Ras family of low-molecular-weight GTP/GDP binding proteins5911+2
RBPRetinol-binding protein, transporter of retinol in plasma5973+2
Sam68Src-associated in mitosis 68 kDa, functions in mitosis10657+2
UbcH7Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme H7, involved in the degradation and regulation of proteins in the cell cycle7332+2
Ufd2/E4Ubiquitin-activating enzyme, role in protein degredation9354+2
VAP33May be involved in trafficking of plasma membrane proteins to intracellular sites9218+2
Bcl-xBcl-2–related protein598+1.5
Cathepsin D, 30 kDaProteolytic protein, involved in breast cancer pathogenesis, tissue remodeling, tumor invasion1509+1.5
CRP1Cysteine-rich protein 1, regulator of actin cytoskeletal organization13007+1.5
Frabin, 115 kDaActin cytoskeleton reorganization246174+1.5
GCF2RNA-cytoskeleton interactions, transcriptional repression8141+1.5
MCMMethylmalonyl-CoA mutase, involved in amino acid and fatty acid catabolism4594+1.5
mEPHXMicrosomal epoxide hydrolase, involved in epoxide metabolism2052+1.5
p116RipThought to participate Rho activation10928+1.5
53BP2p53 binding protein7159−1.5
AIB-1Coactivator of nuclear receptors8202−1.5
Caspase-8Apoptosis-associated protein841−1.5
CDC25Bcdc2 tyrosine phosphatase, involved in initiation of apoptosis994−1.5
Cyclin AMitotic cyclin, activates Cdk2 near the start of S phase, necessary for initiation of DNA replication890−1.5
Extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) 2Serine/threonine kinase, phosphorylates MEK (MAPK/ERK kinase) which, in turn, activates ERK116590−1.5
FAK (pY397)Focal adhesion kinase (FAK), a cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase that colocalizes with integrins in focal adhesions5747−1.5
hPrp16RNA-dependent ATPase, critical for spliceosomal function in the process of pre-mRNA splicing9785−1.5
Hsp70Heat shock/stress-induced gene3303−1.5
MSH6/GTBPDNA mismatch repair involvement2956−1.5
p160Modulates c-Myb–mediated target gene activation10514−1.5
p190Ras-GTPase-activating protein (GAP) associated protein, target of growth factor receptors394−1.5
p38 (pT180/pY182)p38 MAPKs, central kinases in multiple signal transduction pathways1432−1.5
pan-JNK/stress-activated protein kinase 1 (SAPK-1)Phosphorylates multiple transcription factors, induces proinflammatory cytokines5602−1.5
PKCiMember of protein kinase C (PKC) family of homologous serine/threonine protein kinases, involved in cell growth, differentiation, and cytokine secretion5584−1.5
Plakophilin 3Cell adhesion–related protein, involved in desmosomal structure, may have additional nuclear functions11187−1.5
ROCK-I/ROKbRho-associated serine/threonine kinase, regulation of focal adhesion and stress fiber formation6093−1.5
Stat1 (NH2 terminus)Cytoplasmic signal transducer, activator of transcription6772−1.5
Stathmin/metablastinRegulates microtubule formation during interphase3925−1.5
Tim23Integral membrane component of mitochondrial protein translocation10431−1.5
Acetylcholine receptor bFunctions in neurotransmission24261−2
Adaptin dVesicle transport involvement8943−2
Annexin XIMultiple cytoplasmic and nuclear functions11744−2
B2 bradykinin receptorNeurobiological receptor624−2
β-DystroglycanNeuromuscular junction associated protein1605−2
B56aReversible phosphorylation phosphatase5525−2
BUBR1Mitotic spindle checkpoint activation701−2
CDC27G2-M cell cycle transition996−2
Cdk1/Cdc2M-phase cell cycle transition983−2
C-RafSer/Thr kinase growth factor response7187−2
CRIKCitron Rho-interacting kinase11113−2
Cyclin BMitotic protein kinase, subunit for cdk1/cdc2891−2
Cyclin D3G1 cell cycle transition896−2
DesmogleinTransmembrane glycoprotein found in desmosome junctions1828−2
E-CadherinEpithelial cell junction/adhesion function999−2
Eg5Mitotic spindle motor protein3832−2
GIT2-shortGTPase activation of ADP ribosylation factor (ARF)9815−2
Glucocorticoid receptorSteroid hormone receptor2908−2
Heme oxygenase 1Function in heat/oxidative/endotoxic cell stress3162−2
ICBP90DNA topoisomerase–related protein29128−2
Integrin a5Cell-cell/cell matrix adhesion3678−2
IRS-1Insulin receptor substrate (insulin-induced signal transduction)25467−2
Karyopherin a/Rch-1Nuclear localization of cytosolic proteins3838−2
MAP4Microtubule-associated protein/assists in microtubule stabilization4134−2
NAT1Protein translation1982−2
NestinIntermediate filament protein10763−2
OPA1Putative role in mitochondrial biogenesis4976−2
PBKMAP kinase signal transduction55872−2
RanBP3, 80 kDaGTPase mitosis, nuclear transport, DNA replication8498−2
RECKReversion-inducing cysteine-rich protein with Kazal motifs8434−2
Reps1Function in epidermal growth factor (EGF) receptor tyrosine kinase complexes85021−2
s3AInvolved in trans Golgi protein trafficking6189−2
Smad2/3, 55 kDaTGF-β signaling response4088−2
Smad2/3, 61 kDaTGF-β signaling response4087−2
SRPK1Pre-mRNA splicing6732−2
TIEG2Sp1-like transcription factor family member (repression of gene transcription/inhibition of cell growth)8462−2
V-1/myotrophinGranule cell differentiation136319−2
VASPSubstrate for cyclic AMP-/cyclic guanosine 3′,5′-monophosphate-dependent kinases, associated with actin filaments, focal adhesions, and dynamic membrane regions7408−2
VHRPhosphatase regulation of cyclin-dependent kinases during the cell cycle1845−2
  • NOTE: Proteins with a change in expression greater than 1.5-fold as determined by PowerBlot analysis are represented. Each protein passed a computer-assisted analysis and also passed a manual positive fold change check in all nine out of nine comparisons. Locus link gene identifications assigned to each PowerBlot protein and an associated protein function column are also shown.