Table 1.

Systemic efficacy with oncolytic viruses as single agents

Virus speciesAgentGenetic Δ backbone/therapeutic transgeneSystemic tumor response
Infection/vaccinationI.T. admin.I.V. admin.
Oncolytic viruses with demonstrable systemic efficacy
    VacciniaVaccine strain−/−+ Vaccination (CLL)+ (n = 2: melanoma) total n = 73+ (n = 3: NSCLC, renal, myeloma)
JX-594+ (tk)/+ (GM-CSF)NA+ (n = 4: melanoma), total n = 7Pending
    MeaslesWild type/vaccine strain−/−+ Infection (n = 3: NHL, HD, leukemia) + vaccination (n = 2: HD)NANA
MV-CEA−/− (CEA, monitoring)NANAPending (i.p. and i.v.)
    MumpsWild type/vaccine strain−/−NANA+ (inc. breast, ovarian), total n = 97
    West NileWild type/vaccine strain−/−(−)/NANA+ (n = 3 NHL) i.m. injection
    NDVPV701 (mesogenic)−/−NAPending+ (n = 6: CRC, carcinoid, SCCHN, anal), total n = 113
HUJ (lentogenic)−/−NAPending(n = 1: GBM), total n = 14
    ReovirusReolysin−/−NA− (total n = 19)+ (n = 2: CRC, prostate; marker responses), total n = 30
Oncolytic viruses without demonstrable systemic efficacy to date
    AdenovirusWild type (Group C)−/−−/−− (cervical), i.t., total n = 24; I.A., total n = 6− (n = 1, weekly dosing)
dl1520 (Onyx-015)+ (E1B-55K, E3B)/−NA− Total n = 140 (SCCHN, other)− (n = 23: CRC, lung), weekly dosing
H101+ (E1B-55K, E3)/−NANA (single agent)NA
CV706+ (PSE-E1A, E3)/−NA− (prostate), total n = 20NA
Ad5-CD/TKrep+ (E1B-55K, E3B)/CD, TKNANA (prostate - localized)NA
CG7870+ (rat probasin-E1A, PSE-E1B)/−NANA− (prostate); minor, transient PSA declines, total n = 23; single dose only
    HSVWild type−/−(−)/NANANA
1716+ (ICP34.5)/−NANA (GBM localized), − (melanoma, n = 5)NA
G207+ (ICP6, ICP34.5)/−NANA (GBM localized)NA
OncoVexGM-CSF+ (ICP6, ICP34.5)/+ (GM-CSF)NA− Breast, melanoma (n = ≥15)Pending
NV1020HSV-1 and -2 hybrid (one copy ICP34.5)/−NANA, i.t., − (HAI)Pending
  • Abbreviations: HAI, hepatic arterial infusion; tk, thymidine kinase; NSCLC, non–small cell lung cancer; NHL, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma; HD, Hodgkin's disease (lymphoma); CRC, colorectal carcinoma; SCCHN, squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck; NA, not applicable; PSA, prostate-specific antigen; GBM, glioblastoma multiforme.